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Brisbane Business Coaching was created by business mentor, Peter Burrows. With over 35 years experience in his own businesses and the corporate world, Peter became a business coach because he wanted to share his knowledge and experience to help business owners become successful in their own right. As he says “To see the light in their eyes as they achieve another milestone in their business is why I do this.”

Peter specialises in assisting business owners by initially identifying why their business is underperforming, develop strategies to resolve these issues and allow the business to grow to a level where the owner is not working in the business, but on it, with a long term goal of having gaining financial freedom to achieve whatever they desire in life.

Stepping Out

You have had your business for a number of years now and it’s going nowhere. You are working too many hours in it and not enough hours on it.

Stepping Up

Your business may be doing well however, there are reasons (possibly unknown) which are restricting it from reaching its full potential.

New Beginnings

New beginnings is a coaching program designed for all those who have a dream to own their own business but don’t know really where to start.