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I'm Ben, I'm the founder of Matter Solutions a small and focused Digital Marketing Agency in Brisbane. I am also the co-founder of Visible Ventures an Enterprise Marketing Company that creates and operates a private portfolio of digital assets, these are mostly drop-shipping e-commerce websites.

Why create this website?

I acquired this domain name from my former business coach and having been responsible for its digital marketing in the past I know good work was done so it is well placed to gain exposure in Brisbane for quality business coaches who want more clients.

Business Coaches have been a huge asset to my Digital Marketing Agency. I'd go so far as to say that Business Coaches are often highly undervalued and I suspect in tough economic times that'll get worse for business coaches and mentors... but as many people Zig I intent to Zag.

I will continue to work with coaches and I see benefits for businesses of all sorts as they adapt and overcome the economic challenges we currently face (written October 2020).

I sincerely recommend that businesses consider hiring a coach and do their due diligence about finding a coach that makes sense for you. It is my intention to keep this website up to date, with the assistance of my team, so you can browse coaches and find one(s) that match what you need.

If you want to know about my experience with Business Coaching I have woven it into this guide: Get Started - How to find a business coach.

Can you get in touch and ask me for a recommendation?

I'd prefer you didn't. I've prepared all this information so you can make an informed decision. If you need more information I recommend contacting the coaches you're interested in.

What's in it for Ben and Matter Solutions?

At the time of writing I am not doing this to earn and income from the coaches, if they want to send me a bottle of Whisky at Christmas I'd be very pleased but as I don't really drink it might be almost 90% left 10 months later.

My goal is threefold

  1. To get these coaches customers. Like I said above, they do a good job and every client that is waiting on and not engaged with a coach is a slowing of the economic growth we need in Brisbane, Queensland and Australia.
  2. Coaches recommend people like me. I want to show them what I can do for them and their clients. I hope when digital marketing improvements are needed by their clients they consider my business, but I'm well aware we're not the perfect fit for everyone.
  3. There are online courses, audio-books, and training resources that could easily be of interest to businesses while looking for a coach or seeking to do some business development work of their own. I intend to use some affiliate links to these resources. If you're interested in what this means read our Affiliate Disclosure page.

Where did these great photos of Brisbane come from?

Take a look at the photo credits page.

If you have any queries drop us a line using the form on the Contact page.

Brisbane Business Coaching is a Matter Solutions website
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