John Flett of Scope BC

John Flett of Scope BC

Know yourself
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John Flett offers a first class Business Coaching service. He has helped a wide range of businesses, over many years.

What is like working with John

Pragmatic and Straight Talking

John doesn't beat around the bush. He helps business owners identify and solve problems. Once the biggest problems are solved you can move ahead with confidence, take action and take your business in the direction that is right for you


  • Focus (calm + guidance)
  • Confidence
  • Understanding
  • Passion (joy + kind)
  • Strength
  • Intuition (thinker)

Master Negotiator

John imparts negotiation skills that put your business ahead in every environment, sales, purchasing and even hiring. Getting win-win results from difficult and challenging situations.

Business Coach Reviews

John Flett as Scope Business Coaching currently has 23 reviews on Google with an average rating of 5 stars. Screenshot from Google Reviews (taken mid October 2020). Click here to see these for yourself (opens in a new window).

John's Success Stories

Sue-Ling Lau wrote...

I have been working with John since January with my team and I am truely amazed how quickly our culture at work has started to change into a happier and more supportive place for both staff and children. I am in the childcare business. He has worked with my manager with such care, sincerity and has helped guide both herself and me to understand our staff better and to give clearer directions.

I look forward to seeing how our culture continues to change over 2019.

(Above from Google Reviews – unsolicited and untouched)

John wrote the following about this coaching engagement...

I completed working with Sue-Ling Lau in March 2020 and the change in the organisation from when we first started is simply fantastic! The manager Wendy has grown in knowledge confidence and intrinsic motivation and is leading her team extraordinarily well. It has allowed Sue-Ling to have the time to really work ON the business instead of in the business and is driving it now to the next level and beyond.

Initially, I worked with Sue-Ling and in the second year worked primarily with her
Manager and also the whole team.

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