Coaching Tips

Why Have a Business Coach?

Who is Glenn Mills? ………Never heard of him?………….. He’s never achieved notoriety as a business person, a politician, media personality or sportsman, so who is he?

Glen Mills is currently head coach of the Racers Track Club which includes world and Olympic record holder Usain Bolt and the 100 metre World Champion Yohan Blake. He was the head coach of the Jamaican Olympic athletics team between 1987 and 2009.

So why do all the top athletes have in the world have a coach……so they can perform better.

  • It is the same in business, just like athletes business owners need a coach to help them
  • Over come a lack the confidence or belief in what their business can achieve
  • Maintain focus in what they want to achieve, i.e. they become so caught up in the day to day running of the business, they lose focus on why they went into business
  • Formulate a game plan or fixed training schedule. Without a solid written business plan, businesses often lose their way and tend to just survive and provide owners with a job
  • With encouragement keep them positive and focussed on achieving their goals
  • With new ideas. Business owners don’t have all the answers. They need someone, who is experienced and knowledgeable, on whom they can bounce ideas off
  • Remain accountable, and ensure they continue to “train” ie market and grow their business
  • With an outsiders point of view, not be just a “yes man” to tell them “everything is alright”
  • Have a reality check. Sometimes business owners let their ego get in the way because they are in charge. They are afraid to admit they don’t have all the answers. This is often one of the biggest reasons why businesses stagnate

Coaching does not bring instant success. Ask any successful athlete, it takes years of dedication and training to finally reach their goals. A coach needs to be there for the long haul, someone who helps get you through when times are tough and someone who can experience with you the exhilaration of winning.

If you want your business to perform at an elite level, you need a coach.