5 years ago when I started Aquateco Consulting I was a scientist with enormous dreams of heading up a world respected aquatic environmental consultancy with a team of 12 or so consultants and support staff, based in Australia and working on world wide projects. Four years later my business had only one other consultant and was still a very long way from my dream. I was watching apprehensively as the global financial crisis started to bite and much larger consulting companies than Aquateco were downsizing. Clients too. Things were looking bleak.

To be honest, at that time I really couldn’t afford a business coach. On top of that I was sceptical about whether a complete stranger who didn’t know my company or our industry could influence our destiny in a positive way. I don’t know exactly what thought process made me engage Peter Burrows as our business coach, but I’m certainly glad I found the courage to give it a go.

Just 12 months later Aquateco employs 4 consultants, plus myself and 2 support staff – and we are looking for more help. We are working all over Australia on much larger projects than ever and with new clients and projects coming through the door almost every day. Instead of searching for work we are actively sought by clients and we are about to expand our business by adding an exciting product division with an international partner company. And all the while our competitors have been taking hit after hit from the financial crisis.

More importantly, I have peace of mind, because I understand and manage my company much better now. With Peter’s help we have developed a recipe that has brought rapid growth and we know that recipe will continue to work for us as long as we continue to follow it. Peter will continue to play an important role in guiding Aquateco through the transition from a tiny, unknown company to being the leader in our field.
Was I sceptical at first? Absolutely. Was I apprehensive? You bet. Would I be without a business coach today? No way. Business coaching played a very important part in putting Aquateco on the road to success and it will ensure we continue to stay on that path. It was one of the best investments I have ever made in my Company.

Dr Gregg Vinall
Aquateco Consulting Pty Ltd