Before I started coaching, decision making was not one of my strong points. I procrastinated for over 2 months worrying whether or not coaching would be worthwhile and if I would get a return on my investment.
Not only did my coach initially save me paying the tax man $140,000 just by analysing my financials, but has shown me the importance of working on my business instead of in it.

In two and a half years of coaching my business has grown from a turnover of about $700k per annum to over $3m and I have reduced my hours from over 50 plus a week to about 30 hours.

I attribute this increase to my coach changing the way I think about my business and my attitude towards my team in allowing them to take greater ownership for what they do. Having confidence in myself and my team has allowed me more time to pursue and win larger projects.

Do I think coaching has been a worthwhile investment – YES

Jeff Grant
K.G. Fabrications