Coaching Tips

Monthly Coaching Tips

1. Staying Positive

As amazing as our brain is it can only hold one thought at a time. Also like any other organ in the body it needs training to be developed.

So if at any time you are struggling to become motivated, or feeling depressed or stressed this is due to what is going on in mind. Change your thoughts, think of something you enjoy or love doing, focus on your achievements and what is good in life, you will be amazed those negative feelings will begin to disappear.

However it is not something you do once. Every day think about what you enjoy, what you are grateful for, the happiness you have in your life, the love for your family, and those negative feelings will be replaced with a positive attitude.

Remember because your brain can only hold one thought at a time, if it is a positive thought then you will remain positive. Try it.

2. What Business Are You in?

It doesn’t matter if you are a Solicitor, a plumber, receptionist, web designer, accountant or whatever, the only business you are in is the SALES BUSINESS. If you are not making sales you do not have a business.

3. What is your most Important Asset?

Some say yourself.

Some say your staff.

Your most important asset is Time.

Remember you can always create more money, you can’t create more time!!!

4. Who is controlling your destiny?

There is only one person who is in charge of your destiny and that is you. We often let other people control our lives by letting them make the decisions.

Take control back, make the decisions you want to make, learn to say NO!!!!