Coaching Tips

Keys to Successful Employee Management

Whether you employ a small or large amount of people, communication is a key factor when it comes to effective employee management. If an employer is unclear with an employee it can lead to confusion, lack of motivation and time wasting. This article outlines some important aspects you should remember when dealing with employees.

An Understanding of the Greater Purpose of the Business

If an employee does not understand the greater purpose of the business, they may lack purpose in their role. By sitting an employee down and helping them understand the greater purpose of the business you give them a feeling of involvement and a look at the bigger picture so they can see where they fit in. This can also help them feel like a valuable member of the team because they can see how their role affects the business.


Although staff training can be time consuming, if it helps your business operate more efficiently it is well worth it. Although you would have picked an employee with an appropriate skill set, you may need to add to this skill set by training them in certain business systems so that they know exactly how things work around the office. This will allow them to operate more efficiently and confidently, will mould them into a more valuable asset to the business and can be a great way to encourage group participation.

Clear Objectives and Time Frames

You need to give employees clear objectives and time frames. As the employer, you need to make sure that you, or another staff member, communicate clear objectives and time frames for the tasks that an employee is responsible for completing. If you don’t make this clear you risk time being wasted. You should also makes sure that the employee understands the impact and consequences of not completing a task properly and on time.

Clear Performance Expectations

As an employer, you have certain expectations of your employees. You know what you expect, so make sure you communicate these expectations clearly to your employee. This will allow them to set personal goals so that they can complete tasks to the calibre that you expect.