Business Tips

Could My Hobby be a Viable Business Idea?

Does your hobby have what it takes to be transformed into a startup business? Or is it just that – a hobby? If you have a hobby it can be hard to figure out whether it could be made into a viable business idea. Hobbies can cloud our judgement because they are usually something we Read more

Protect Your Small Business Against Cyber Attack

Although many cyber criminals target large organisations, the latest Symantec Internet Security Threat Report found that 31% of targeted cyber attacks in 2012 were on smaller businesses (250 employees or less). The reason a cyber criminal will target a smaller business with less money and customer information is because it is usually easier than attempting Read more

Keys to Successful Employee Management

Whether you employ a small or large amount of people, communication is a key factor when it comes to effective employee management. If an employer is unclear with an employee it can lead to confusion, lack of motivation and time wasting. This article outlines some important aspects you should remember when dealing with employees. An Read more

Tips for Business Growth

As a business owner, you might get to the point where you are stuck in a rut and can’t seem to get your business growing any further. If this is the case, there could be a problem with your business that may take a lot of time to address. On the other hand, your business Read more

Business, employees and the Fair Work Act

“Many small and medium businesses are inadvertently non-compliant with the Fair Work Act that was introduced on 1 January 2010. Even if you are inadvertently not compliant in some way with the Modern Awards and/or the National Employment Standards when audited by the Fair Work Ombudsman, breaches of the legislation can cost your business real Read more

Do Your Shoppers Buy On Price?

Many business owners that I speak to are firm believers that their customers purely shop for the best price. Nothing is further from the truth. This was demonstrated in a classic situation with a new client. As part of my initial investigation about their business, I asked when was the last time they had raised Read more

Customer’s Revenge for Poor Service

  In today’s world of social media customer service is playing a far more pivotal role in the success of every business. Fifteen years ago if a business gave exceptional service the customer may tell 2 or 3 people of their experience with that company. Conversely if they had a bad experience they would tell Read more

Do you know the numbers in your business?

Business is a numbers game so it is imperative for those in business to know their numbers. Without knowing the numbers it is impossible to make key business decisions about business expansion, marketing, sales, employing new staff, staff performance etc. So what are the numbers? The key numbers in any business are (i)     Accounting (ii)   Read more

A Good Decision

Twelve months ago an owner of an engineering shop was working 6 days a week, working normally 8 hours a day in the workshop and another 4 hours at night catching up on paper work. He had 2 young boys aged 4 and 6 and never saw them. He hadn’t had a holiday in 6 Read more

Why Have a Business Coach?

Who is Glenn Mills? ………Never heard of him?………….. He’s never achieved notoriety as a business person, a politician, media personality or sportsman, so who is he? Glen Mills is currently head coach of the Racers Track Club which includes world and Olympic record holder Usain Bolt and the 100 metre World Champion Yohan Blake. He Read more