Stepping Out

You have had your business for a number of years now and it’s going nowhere. You are working too many hours in it and not enough hours on it.

Stepping Out shows you how to “step out” of the rut and daily grind of working in the business, by developing systems which allow you to work on your business, so you no longer just have a J.O.B  (Just Over Broke) but a  business that works for you, instead of you working for the business.

At GPS we are very mindful of coaching having a positive impact on your business from day one . The first step in the program is determining what is to be done to increase your bottom line to pay for coaching.
Once implemented, coaching becomes “FREE”.

The Stepping Out Program begins with:

  • An alignment which comprises of 2 x 3hour sessions, where you identify the goals you wish to achieve in your business are aligned with the goals you want in your life.
  • Creating a plan of how to achieve those goals.
  • Learning about DISC profiling. Through the disc profiling you will come to understand why people think and act differently and how to use this knowledge in growing your business.
  • Understanding some basic coaching principles which are constantly referred to during the coaching process.

On completion of the alignment, coaching commences the following week. Peter will organise strategy meetings that are held twice weekly at a set time and combines one on one coaching with the business owner and coaching selected members of your team. Each session is approximately 1-1.5hours duration and includes:

  • Implementing strategies to achieve goals set during the alignment.
  • Developing systems to enable your business to run more efficiently.
  • Training in specific areas which may include marketing, sales, team development and recruitment etc.
  • Reviewing current operations and evaluating how effective and efficient they are.
  • Critiquing marketing plans, sales and advertising scripts.
  • Regular “homework” to be completed each week prior to the next coaching session.

Stepping out will bring positive change to your business. However, be prepared!  Making changes to your business will almost certainly require changes in you:- how you operate, how you think about your business, your clients and your staff.

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