New Beginnings

New beginnings is a coaching program designed for all those who have a dream to own their own business but don’t know really where to start.

Most new businesses have limited capital to invest in their business, so at $173 per week (plus GST) New Beginnings is a cost effective way for new business owners to learn all the basic principles of owning and running a business at their own pace.
It is structured as a year long program, however, the time may change dependent upon the amount of work inputted by each individual.
The New Beginnings program includes

  • 2 x 3 hour initial coaching sessions to
    1. Establish the parameters for the working relationship between both coach and business owner
    2. Determine and set both business and personal goals for the next 12 months. These goals then broken down into 90 day goals.
    3. Establish a plan how to achieve these goals
    4. Learn about DISC profiling and how it applies to yourself and your business.
  • A Business development Kit which provides a step by step process in educating business owners in what they need to do to run a successful business. It is comprised of DVD’s, CD’s and workbooks which allows the business to work on his business at his own pace.
  • A monthly 1 hour webinar to discuss any issues or questions you may have regarding the content in the Business Development Kit
  • A Monthly 2 hour face to face coaching session to discuss any issues you may be having in the business and to critique marketing plans, systematic processes, advertising for staff recruitment etc.

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