Coaching Tips

A Good Decision

Twelve months ago an owner of an engineering shop was working 6 days a week, working normally 8 hours a day in the workshop and another 4 hours at night catching up on paper work.

He had 2 young boys aged 4 and 6 and never saw them.

He hadn’t had a holiday in 6 years.

He was constantly frustrated by the constant amount of rework needing to be done because his staff hadn’t got it right, often having to stay back and fix or complete jobs to ensure they were delivered on time.

High stress levels due customer demands, constant deadline pressures, and cash flow issues, created a short fuse which resulted in low staff morale and high staff turnover.

His bookkeeper suggested he talk to a business coach to help him with his business.

Today he works a 9 day fortnight, 8 hour days and is normally home between 4 and 6pm to spend time with his family.

His staff is loyal and motivated with rework down to less than 2%.

This week he has just returned from a 5 week holiday with his wife and children in the USA. The highlight of the trip was to complete a lifelong dream of being able to drive a NASCAR for 16 laps around Daytona.

He also has already planned his next holiday.

So how did he achieve such a massive turnaround in his business in 12 months?

Have a chat to a business coach.