Coaching Tips

3 Business Tips – How a Right Mindset & Belief can help your business?

1. Mindset

Success in business and how large a business will grow is purely dependant on the business owners mindset.

For example if you go into business with a mindset of “just making a living”, that’s exactly what you will do, or if someone “just wants to be their own boss” that’s often exactly where they end up, being the boss, working longer hours and earning a lower hourly rate…….

However  those who start with an idea, or a dream to build a large business, with a high income are the ones who become successful, and, It’s okay if initially you don’t know how you are going to get there, just insure you stay focussed on achieving what you want……develop a business plan……if you don’t know how, research, read, learn or  find someone who can help you and you will be successful.


2. Belief – “A belief is something you hold to be true.”

Yet it is often our beliefs which stop us from being successful. Here are some typical beliefs

  • ·         You need a university degree to be successful
  • ·         That’s  the way it’s always been done, so it must be right
  • ·         You can’t get good staff
  • ·         Business will fail if it grows too quickly
  • ·         You need money to make money


However how often do we challenge our beliefs? To be truly successful in business you must learn to challenge everything. Business principles are not set in stone, what works for one may not work for another. Be willing to look outside the square…..don’t accept what you’ve learned up till now is still the way to do it.


3. Words of Destruction – Can’t and Hope

If you hear yourself saying can’t or hope………stop it!!!!

When business owners say they can’t do something, in reality what they are saying is they WON’T do it.

How often have I heard

“I can’t do any marketing because I’m too busy”

“I can’t afford more staff”

“I can’t afford not to be here”

in reality they won’t do these things because of either mindset, belief or fear.


Hope achieves nothing!!!

Ever heard “I hope the market improves” or “I hope our sales are better in the next……”

Remember nothing changes if nothing changes, the only way to change is to take ACTION.

You are responsible for what happens in your business and your life……make it happen.